My mom tells me that behind every choice we have a lesson so behind every book you must have learned something and i set it in my mind what I learn fro the books i read. The variety is incomprehensible and it’s hard to explain everything but all i can say is that every books provides me a content feeling. I’m not a gregarious person and even during some of my college life I’ve spent time in reading books in one corner while my friends party the night away. The books are my friends , my blanket , my everything and so i dedicate this blog to my love and passion of reading. Hope you all love it and see it in the way i see it too 😉

Urvashi ❤

My questions are what keeps me alive. And I find answers within myself, when I read, when I write. Book reviewing is a way, for me, to get the insights of what I learnt from them and what I am seeking. But the more I read, the more I ask.

Parijat 🙂