Anything for you, ma’am: an IITian’s love story

Ever heard that love makes a person do the unthinkable? Well, it does. Love has a power only a few people can understand. A person literally becomes an idiot (no matter how intelligent or smart he/she is) when in love. But in some cases, love also makes a person do the smartest of things that no one could ever imagine.
Yes, that is what our ‘hero’ Tejas does. He is in love with his sister’s best friend Shreya who lives in Chennai. The book follows this IITian in his expedition of seeing the love of his life again in the midst of a crucial project- Biobull led by Prof. Sidhu and all the family drama.

As you proceed through, you find it hard not to laugh at every other line (literally).

But among all the drama and ‘jugaad’ and risks that Tejas takes, it gets interesting to know if he finally meets Shreya or not!

If you are up for a rib-tickling comedy with a romantic twist, I would suggest you to get your hands on this piece by Tushar Raheja.

A quote that I loved-

Leave not a speck that may cause a wreck.

Thanking and remembering him for lending me his copy,


Happy reading 🙂


Long time wish come true : UNRAVELLING

When i was in 10th grade,2011 , I used to read the books section of the newspaper everyday. They used to review about upcoming books. And at that time i had started my huge collection of sci-fi/adventure/fiction novels.
So one day came the review of Elizabeth Norris’s novel , UNRAVELLING. I remember getting excited to get my hands on that book and i had cut out that 1.5 inch pic from the newspaper and stuck it on my study table, knowing one day I would be able to buy myself this novel.
But then time passed by and so did my mood and behaviour and preferences but that novel was still stuck in my mind.

Then came my 2nd Year of college, 2015 and I became friends with 2 great girls and i just casually told them I wanted to read this novem but couldn’t find it anywhere. Then the biggest thing happened. My 19th birthday came and these 2 girls gifted me this novel. I remember screaming in my class when i saw the book.

What’s in this book ? In 2011 not many novels had picked up the sci-fi trail and Unravelling was a hit that season. But now days , no one knows about it.

Janelle Tenner is a normal girl with a younger brother , an FBI agent dad and a bipolar mom. Everything was ok before she died…. and was bought back to life by Ben , a mysterious guy from her school whom she never gave attention.

But what’s strange is a clock counting down from 24 days. Janelle goes on an adventure to find the truth about her coming back to life , the clock and Ben.

Well I won’t be revealing anything snd sadly it’s been 2 years since i read it but there is something intriguing about this book.

I would definitely recommend for those who are a Before I Fall fan. ( hope you know this novel. Will post about it soon !)

Give a hand to Unraveling by Elizabeth Norris and do tell me how was it. ✌🏻

Urvashi 😄

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The world within the core : Artemis Fowl

Whenever I mention this novel , maximum friends of mine say that it's one of their favourite and I won't blame them. It's actually amazing.

Artemis Fowl is a story about an Irish boy , Artemis Fowl , who belongs from a criminal family from Dublin , lives in a mansion and has a personal secretary called Butler who was appointed to him the second he was born in the family.
What's special about that boy ? Well he is literally the most evil genius present , who would do anything to be the best.

Now Artemis or "Arty" had his suspicion that there exists mythical creatures below us , near the core of the planet 🌎. Well , in order to get more proof , he travels to China where an old fairy , disguised as an old woman , gives him the most important book among the fairies, elfs , dwarfs. Artemis translates the language and comes to know everything about the world that lives beneath the foundation of his mansion. So the great Artemis devices a plan to trap one of the creature and in order to gain more , he would blackmail that creature for gold.

In the meanwhile, down below , we have Captain Holly Short , waking up , going to work at the LEP ( Lower Element Police , the police community ). Like any other day , she is given a chance to go on the "surface" for a mission. Holly lives for such missions. So as ususal , Holly reports to one of the shuttle bay and is sent of to Spain , where a troll attack has happened.

While trying to solve everything, Artemis captures her and takes her with him back to Dublin and imprisons her. Hence , the unlikely friendship/enemity strikes gold. Now if there is ever a situation where if any LEP officer is ever taken hostage , there is a hostage fund specially kept. Artemis was basically behind this.

So Commander Root and technician Foaly make plans to cause minimal harm to Artemis and get Holly back without emptying their hostage fund. And from here onwards starts the epic journey of Artemis and his involvement in possible every major attack in Lower Element.

Artemis Fowl combines mystical creatures + technology no one can imagine about + round the world trip. And to imagine all of this is a hats off effort. I'm at the 4th book and by a mistake which i have never made in my entire life , i missed onto the 3rd book. I'll buy that later tho.

If you love Harry Potter , Percy Jackson or any novel involving magical invasions and powers and everything, please please do read this novel. AMAZING!!!! This novel has been on my wishlist and I finally got to read it this year ! Plus it's helping with my GRE prep for the graceful words a 13 year old boy says much ahead of his age.

I can guarantee you it's completely worth your time. Do read.
Also sorry for not writing any post in the recent times. I've been busy with my internship and GRE prep.
Do share your thoughts about ARTEMIS FOWL SERIES by Eoin Colfer.

U 💕

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Have you ever regretted a choice you ever made ? Me? I have made some pretty bad choices but i see now that i don’t regret them. Just that they have taken me into a direction i never saw myself going in. I have always though ,”What if I didn’t go to Pune to study ?” or “What would have been if i hadn’t chosen science ?” The last question actually shaped my future that i am living right now. Our choices defines us the kind of person we are , the kind of person we become towards the general public .

Jason Dessen made a life changing decision when he left his research , which was a front runner to win the most prestigious scientific award and research funding to be with the woman of his dream, Daniela  and the son, Charlie, he loved to death. That decision turned out to be a tree which led to many other of his decisions to become the branches of this tree. Now his decision is going to haunt him forever. When he decides to congratulate his friend Ryan , who wins this award instead of him , Ryan makes sure that he makes jason regret his decision of leaving his study behind and go and teach in a local college in Chicago instead. But little did Jason know , it was going to be more than a regret.

The last line that his abductor told him before knocking him out of his consciousness and sending him to a world where he is famous and Daniela is not his wife and charlie isn’t born was

“Are you happy with this life ?”       

Of course Jason was . But the abductor happens to be Other Jason from the universe where Jason chose his research instead of Daniela and Charlie and built a cube which would help him travel multiverse . But every decision , every choice Jason makes , comes to reality when the Original Jason finally reaches  his family , only to find that Many Jasons (nearly 109 , since its mentioned int he book) have done the same and they want to reach to Daniela and Charlie before anyone else can. These Many Jasons happen to be the choices the real Jason didn’t make while he was exploring different Chicagos of different universe to find Daniela and Charlie. Find out how Jason fights for his decisions and wins int he end (obviously !)

This novel is like AMAZING ! It has every scientific term trying to persuade the reader about a theory that the scientists are actually working on. If anyone has seen Stranger Things , it’s like many Upside-Downs but without any Eleven and the monster tho. So anyways , what keeps Jason moving is his love and determination to see Daniela and Charlie . He has to go through so much different scenarios but in the end these scenarios are the outcome of what Amanda Lucas ( Other Jason’s therapist , who helps the Original Jason escape from the world that would have been his but is not) and Jason feels and the roller coaster of emotions they go through.

Though it’s sad they did’t mention what happens to Amanda but the story is gripping , thriller and life-changing. It’s a MUST READ ! I  didn’t know it would be this good actually , i just read the synopsis and thought “Let’s just try this one “ but Damn , it’s too good. It made me realize that our decisions can have such drastic effect on our life in ways one can never imagine and also the possibility that there exists parallel universe where every decision we make opens up a new universe, a new opportunity of what we could have done if we chose something else…

So get your hand on the copy of DARK MATTER by Blake Crouch , who is the reclaimed author of the Wayward Pines Trilogy ( Have to read that one too , not see the show but ill work till i get my hands on the trio.). Dark Matter is in works to be a movie so let’s just wait and see when it comes out ..

Good Night 🙂

U ❤


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KANE Chronicles : The Red Pyramid

You know what sets apart Rick Riordan from the rest of the writer (no offense i love other writers too!) :

  1. The comprehensive study he does regarding the ancient history behind every civilization , be it Egyptian , Greek , Norse or Roman.
  2. The Fan base is because he has the perfect sense of mixing literature , humor , emotions, thriller , romance , everything.

Anyways , I just completed reading the first part of the series and have ordered the remaining 2 also. After coursing through Greek (Percy Jackson) , Roman ( Heroes of Olympus) and Norse (Magnus Chase) , I landed on another civilization , Egypt , with Carter and Sadie Kane , child with the blood of pharaoh. Well , basically I had a bit of idea about Egyptian gods. If you don’t , i have a little something ..


So Ra is the Sun God and in the book , it’s said that he is no longer active as he should be. Then there is Geb and Nut (Don’t laugh. Sadie laughed too and i did too because well..). Geb is Earth and Nut is sky. They are a married couple but in order to give birth to her 5 children , they were separated by the Wind god. Anyways , their 5 children are Isis , Osiris , Set , Horus and Nephthys. Now god take human as their host so their relationship is kind of crazy. Osiris and Isis are married and Horus is their son. Set and Nephthys are married but Set is evil. Their exists a House of Life (in real life too) , who train special kids who have a very rich bloodline like Sadie and Carter. Well , Sadie and Carter’s parents , Julius and Ruby Kane are individuals who come from 2 different pharaoh bloodline , Kane ( Julius ) and Faust (Ruby) so their kids are the most powerful children the world has ever seen and gods are scared of it. Then you have Amos Kane , Julius’s brother , who sadly gets possessed by Set in the end but survives.

The book is about how Julius and Carter land in London to get Sadie ( Carter and Sadie have been separated  from each other since their mother’s death and also because together they are veryyyyy powerful). So in London , these 3 unite and head to Britain Museum to find the Rosetta Stone , which helps in yielding power . What Sadie and Carter didn’t know is that their father had unleashed   5 gods (Isis , Osiris , Set , Horus and Nephthys) , with Set being the one to immediately capture Julius ( who has the spirit of Osiris) and send him back to the Duat ( Spirit world of gods and magic ). Sadie and Carter try to escape but then 2 warriors of House of Life , Zia and Michel Desjardins. Then Amos finds them and takes them to Brooklyn ( yup. London to Brooklyn ). Their there is a mansion which has a baboon names Khufu , a crocodile name Philip from Macedonia and Sadie’s cat Muffin , who happens to be a host for Bast , the cat goddess. Basically , Sadie , Carter , Bast and Amos travel the world to finally end up in Phoenix where Set is building a pyramid which would make him powerful on his birthday , which lies on the third Demon Day. These 4 have to stop them but in their journey they realize that Carter is a host to Horus , Sadie is a host to Isis , Amos becomes a host for Set  and Zia becomes a host from Nephthys. Find out how carter and Sadie overcome their compulsion to merge with Isis and Horus and defeat Set.  

You know , in this novel , what really touched me is when Anubis ( god of funeral and Sadie’s crush) asks Sadie if she would sacrifice her father for the world . The struggle the poor girl faces is heartbreaking. And she did sacrifice her father ( sorry for the spoiler) but in the end , Anubis takes Carter and Sadie to the Room of Judgment where they meet their parents , who say the most beautiful lines:

” As a parent , our dreams becomes secondary to our children’s dreams. We would do anything for them to make them come true , even if we have to sacrifice our self . “

 *crying in one corner.*

So , do read this novel, KANE CHRONICLES : THE RED PYRAMID and tell me how you feel about it.

Goodnight 🙂


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Shoot for the Stars..

Once in a while , i enjoy reading a kiddie novel; not exactly kiddie , but a novel 16-17 year old would read and STARGAZING FOR BEGINNERS is one of them.

It’s a beautiful novel, on how Meg , a teen with a rebellious mother and a sister form another mister (literally.) Meg was born from an Australian man while her half-sis , Elsa, was born from  a Spanish man named Angel ( don’t ask. I think her mom made up all that :P). So Meg dreams about going to NASA one day and she is basically from England and she doesn’t have enough money. They hardly make their ends meet. She has a Grandpa who , from the beginning have supported her love for space and science behind it and a dog named Pongo. She is an introvert , mostly into herself , but her life changes when her mom boards a flight to Myanmar , leaving her alone to take care of her young sister and to prepare herself for a competition through which she can visit the NASA center , USA. A young girl with bog dreams. So , the whole story goes around this and then there are Bella , Raj and Ed King , who constantly make fun of her but what Meg doesn’t know that Ed likes her a lot and poor Meg starts feeling the same later on.

There are some sad parts also , where there is an earthquake in Myanmar and Meg rushes out of her school and when everything is alright , she gets a sweet text from Ed. Awww…. if only such things existed in real life.So anyways , the biggest part is when Ed gives up his chance in the contest for Meg to rescue her Grandpa , who happen to meet with a accident while out for a late night bike ride. That is beyond the best scene of the book. I mean he literally just walks away and he knows how much his mom would kill him but he does it for Meg . Too good. Anyhoo , Meg ends up winning the trip and Ed also. They have their very first date under the stars and misses the school dance.

You know why i like this novel ? Because it’s all about young love and young dreams and everything is falling apart around Meg but she does’t give up. That’s the strength everyone must have . She follows her dream and makes them happen. Basically , don’t give up if a few things are creating problems. They are just the beginning but the beauty is after crossing those hurdles. Nothing comes easy.

Do read STARGAZING FOR BEGINNERS by Jenny McLachlan , a novel published on April 6 , 2017. Beautiful novel.

Good Night !


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AFTER everything..

In my 20( soon to be 21) years on this planet , I’ve been conscious about my surroundings for the past 8-9 years but they became sensitive around the time i joined college.We all know one couple who would eventually make it till the end. I somehow don’t know anyone yet cause around me , including me, most of us are technically keepers and believe strongly in a stable ,  strong , non-casual relationship. And that’s why i haven’t been in a relationship so far :P.

But my point is that every girls has her own prince charming and would obviously wouldn’t stray from that path but some of them may find love in the strangest and the most unexpected people and guess what , they also love you back , no matter how much you have to bear the consequence of past of both of them.Such was a girl called Theresa/Tessa/Tess Young , created by Anna Todd in her now a super-hit , going-to-be-a-movie-god-knows-when novel series After.

what’s unique about this series ? Well…

1.It was originally a Wattpad story( used to write from her phone and later did she know , it became an instant hit, like raking more than 1 billion views !!! Yup , 1 billion !

2.It’s a fan fiction about One Direction members , where Tessa romances the bad boy Harry Styles and Liam Payne turns out to be her best friend forever.

3.It’s addicting , learning, intoxicating novel.

4.It’s a full published series , along with Before which is a novel based from Harry’s point of View and goes along with the very first novel of the series and Nothing more and Nothing Less, which are based from Landon’s (Liam but name changed for the sake of publication) point of view and how they survive New York.

5. UTA has also begin the talk of turning into a movie but when will it come , god knows !!!

I’ve read so many novels but then again this novel touches me. The way Hardin ( names were changed for the sake of publication) just cannot keep himself away from Tessa, they pain , embarrassment , the hurt , probably all sorts of emotions and feelings he has hurled towards her is so perfectly described , it cringes to one’s heart unless someone decides to read another strong novel series like this. I would have never thought i would say this but after reading this series , my tolerance for romantic novels has increased a little.It’s just the way Mrs.Todd has described the turmoil these 2 characters face within themselves and for themselves is like too much ! Although it’s an R-rated novel , so 18+ only please , but what i really loved id that they didn’t give up on each other.Na-uh.They just couldn’t.

Sometimes it’s more than love that keeps you connected to someone.It’s trust, honesty , generosity , pain , anger,sadness , happiness, basically sharing and communication and space.This novel is like two opposite worlds colliding into one and how this new planet is trying to be stable, happy and worth living for.

If you do have time, a smartphone , laptop, tablet, kindle , whatever…do install Wattpadd and read. Or else purchase on kindle and start binge reading cause it’s one hell of a roller coaster ride of emotions, happiness and patience.

Goodnight peeps. Do tell me how you feel after reading this amazing series.


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Gone Girl …

Sorry for not posting any recent book because i was busy with exams and some personal problems but I’m back and my 3rd year is over and i have an Internship for 6 months so I’ll be going to college in January 2018 ( Thank god !) .

Anyhooo this one novel is kind of creepy and amazinggggg because it’s one of the best thriller and mysterious novel I’ve ever read ! Because it has a gripping story and though there are like 2 sides , one is from Amy and one from Nick, their POV (point of view) is perfectly in sync and there is like no gap between their story. Just speechless.

So , most of you must have seen the movie but it’s the book which can perfectly describe what Nick and Amy go through. It’s both of them’s fault that they have to face so much. Horrible , vicious plots that Amy plots for Nick , God ! The book describes it perfectly ! Plus the way Amy lives and then traps her ex with her mind games and that poor guy falls for it.. it’s sad . But then after making Nick look bad to the entire town , making him the killer (they think she is dead), she returns and then announces she is pregnant which is weird because , you know well,.. anyways everyone is happy but internally Nick and Amy are fighting, they are trying to love each other but they can’t , the passion that was between them has evaporated and so many obstacles has come between them, including Nick’s affair with his younger student about which Amy get’s to know ( she see’s them together and that kills her and THAT’S WHY she plots the whole thing).

Sorry for the spoilers , i have avoided a lot of small details but you’ll get to know eventually as you read the book . Do read it, if you like suspense thrillers and superrrr into it ! 

Goodnight 🌌

U ❤️

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A Walk to Remember

Nicholas Sparks is one of the finest storyteller when it comes to romance. And this is certainly one of his best works, after all its bases on the life of his own sister!
Whenever we talk about a love story, we always talk of the love that it taught us. But we seldom talk about its characters. Today I want to share about not the book, but it’s two leads, who taught me not only about love but trust, patience, fate and purity of heart and soul.

The story is narrated by Landon Carter, a popular guy with cool friends. He is a brat, no doubt, shares not at all good bond with his father and always tries to act cool (just to fit in).

But then he meets Jaimi Sullivan, Reverend’s daughter, naive, calm and faithful, but motherless. Landon and Jaimi are forced to act in a drama, from where begins their friendship. At first, Landon tries to hide it from his ‘cool’ friends, but after certain incidences, he falls for her instead. Eventually he starts to change into his good self.

The best part of the novel is Jaimi and the way she treats everybody- Equally and with love. She is pure at heart, devotional and helps anybody in need. She also teaches orphan children and brings them gifts!😍 Her goodness certainly takes over the reader. She taught me, just like Landon, how much this world needs goodness and love. There’s a dialogue from the movie where Landon says Jaimi saved me. He said this because this is exactly what she did! Because she believed that with kindness anything can be won.

Movie is as good as the book, but a few things have been changed. Still, it’s a must watch if you love romance and want to watch in flesh what happens to Landon. Shane West is superb with his role! So is Mandy Moore (I fell in love with her, I must say)❤

At last, a few quotes–

  • Love is like the wind, you can’t see it but you can feel it.
  • First you will smile and then you will cry don’t say you haven’t been warned.
  • You have to promise you won’t fall in love with me.
  • Book’s last line– Knowing there’s one thing I still haven’t told you: I now believe, by the way, that miracles do happen.
  • And the one which gives the title to the book– It was, I remembered thinking, the most difficult walk anyone ever had to make. In every sense, A WALK TO REMEMBER…

Happy reading 🙂


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Let’s talk about 13 Reasons Why

I’ve read so many books that I don’t even remember half of them. But 13 reasons Why touched me deeply, made me think about my life in a complete different way.

I don’t know if you know the plot since it’s everywhere in the social media, papers , blah blah blah, it’s about a girl names Hannah Baker , who commits suicide and then 2 weeks later a box of 13 cassettes shows up at Clay Jensen‘s doorsteps. They were made by Hannah , who specified 13 reasons why she committed suicide and Clay was one of them.

Now , I had no idea about this book but as soon as I got to know Selena Gomez is its executive producer last year , I immediately added it to my wish list and i had the opportunity of reading it in March before Netflix released the Season 1 on 31st of the very same month.

Now , people have opinions. I have mine and you have yours , so let me make my opinions clear : IT DOES NOT GLAMORIZE SUICIDE ! How do you even glamorize suicide !!! And it’s a fiction so why does everyone have o fight over who is hero and who is the villain. The book clearly wants to convey the message that:

1.If anyone around you is hurt , be for them, no matter what.

2.Sexual assaults happen and it’s something everyone is quite about. Don’t be ( Season 2 would explore that topic).

 We get it that sometimes it’s hard for someone to accepts these issues , but once you open your eyes , the reality is clear to you. Everyone around us is hurt in ways we can’t imagine and they might not wanna open up. Give them time. Hannah wanted /needed someone but Clay was too scared to lose her that now he regrets not confessing his love for her , when she is no more around him.

It’s never too late. So look around and accept the fact that everyone has issues and they actually need someone to open up to bu are scared that the issue might turn into a scarring gossip. Those idiots who doesn’t understand this are really idiots and would never understand their own life, leave alone others.

Now , if you are wondering why I’m ranting so much , it’s because the book hit me hard on my head. Life is too short to worry about embarrassments and everything. I have issues and I have 2 people with whom I can open up because i trust them and recently i was on the verge of visiting the psychiatrist. A friend of mine suggested me and i would have been taking therapy if not for my best friend Vaishnavi , who spoke to me for 2 hours straight and called again for the next 4 days to make sure i was okay. I have her and Parijat around me to look for me when i’m weak. Do the same for a friend of yours; you really never know what you’ll end up knowing about them.

Read 13 Reasons Why by Jay Asher  and do tell me what you feel.

GoodNight !