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AFTER everything..

In my 20( soon to be 21) years on this planet , I’ve been conscious about my surroundings for the past 8-9 years but they became sensitive around the time i joined college.We all know one couple who would eventually make it till the end. I somehow don’t know anyone yet cause around me , including me, most of us are technically keepers and believe strongly in a stable ,  strong , non-casual relationship. And that’s why i haven’t been in a relationship so far :P.

But my point is that every girls has her own prince charming and would obviously wouldn’t stray from that path but some of them may find love in the strangest and the most unexpected people and guess what , they also love you back , no matter how much you have to bear the consequence of past of both of them.Such was a girl called Theresa/Tessa/Tess Young , created by Anna Todd in her now a super-hit , going-to-be-a-movie-god-knows-when novel series After.

what’s unique about this series ? Well…

1.It was originally a Wattpad story( used to write from her phone and later did she know , it became an instant hit, like raking more than 1 billion views !!! Yup , 1 billion !

2.It’s a fan fiction about One Direction members , where Tessa romances the bad boy Harry Styles and Liam Payne turns out to be her best friend forever.

3.It’s addicting , learning, intoxicating novel.

4.It’s a full published series , along with Before which is a novel based from Harry’s point of View and goes along with the very first novel of the series and Nothing more and Nothing Less, which are based from Landon’s (Liam but name changed for the sake of publication) point of view and how they survive New York.

5. UTA has also begin the talk of turning into a movie but when will it come , god knows !!!

I’ve read so many novels but then again this novel touches me. The way Hardin ( names were changed for the sake of publication) just cannot keep himself away from Tessa, they pain , embarrassment , the hurt , probably all sorts of emotions and feelings he has hurled towards her is so perfectly described , it cringes to one’s heart unless someone decides to read another strong novel series like this. I would have never thought i would say this but after reading this series , my tolerance for romantic novels has increased a little.It’s just the way Mrs.Todd has described the turmoil these 2 characters face within themselves and for themselves is like too much ! Although it’s an R-rated novel , so 18+ only please , but what i really loved id that they didn’t give up on each other.Na-uh.They just couldn’t.

Sometimes it’s more than love that keeps you connected to someone.It’s trust, honesty , generosity , pain , anger,sadness , happiness, basically sharing and communication and space.This novel is like two opposite worlds colliding into one and how this new planet is trying to be stable, happy and worth living for.

If you do have time, a smartphone , laptop, tablet, kindle , whatever…do install Wattpadd and read. Or else purchase on kindle and start binge reading cause it’s one hell of a roller coaster ride of emotions, happiness and patience.

Goodnight peeps. Do tell me how you feel after reading this amazing series.