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KANE Chronicles : The Red Pyramid

You know what sets apart Rick Riordan from the rest of the writer (no offense i love other writers too!) :

  1. The comprehensive study he does regarding the ancient history behind every civilization , be it Egyptian , Greek , Norse or Roman.
  2. The Fan base is because he has the perfect sense of mixing literature , humor , emotions, thriller , romance , everything.

Anyways , I just completed reading the first part of the series and have ordered the remaining 2 also. After coursing through Greek (Percy Jackson) , Roman ( Heroes of Olympus) and Norse (Magnus Chase) , I landed on another civilization , Egypt , with Carter and Sadie Kane , child with the blood of pharaoh. Well , basically I had a bit of idea about Egyptian gods. If you don’t , i have a little something ..


So Ra is the Sun God and in the book , it’s said that he is no longer active as he should be. Then there is Geb and Nut (Don’t laugh. Sadie laughed too and i did too because well..). Geb is Earth and Nut is sky. They are a married couple but in order to give birth to her 5 children , they were separated by the Wind god. Anyways , their 5 children are Isis , Osiris , Set , Horus and Nephthys. Now god take human as their host so their relationship is kind of crazy. Osiris and Isis are married and Horus is their son. Set and Nephthys are married but Set is evil. Their exists a House of Life (in real life too) , who train special kids who have a very rich bloodline like Sadie and Carter. Well , Sadie and Carter’s parents , Julius and Ruby Kane are individuals who come from 2 different pharaoh bloodline , Kane ( Julius ) and Faust (Ruby) so their kids are the most powerful children the world has ever seen and gods are scared of it. Then you have Amos Kane , Julius’s brother , who sadly gets possessed by Set in the end but survives.

The book is about how Julius and Carter land in London to get Sadie ( Carter and Sadie have been separated  from each other since their mother’s death and also because together they are veryyyyy powerful). So in London , these 3 unite and head to Britain Museum to find the Rosetta Stone , which helps in yielding power . What Sadie and Carter didn’t know is that their father had unleashed   5 gods (Isis , Osiris , Set , Horus and Nephthys) , with Set being the one to immediately capture Julius ( who has the spirit of Osiris) and send him back to the Duat ( Spirit world of gods and magic ). Sadie and Carter try to escape but then 2 warriors of House of Life , Zia and Michel Desjardins. Then Amos finds them and takes them to Brooklyn ( yup. London to Brooklyn ). Their there is a mansion which has a baboon names Khufu , a crocodile name Philip from Macedonia and Sadie’s cat Muffin , who happens to be a host for Bast , the cat goddess. Basically , Sadie , Carter , Bast and Amos travel the world to finally end up in Phoenix where Set is building a pyramid which would make him powerful on his birthday , which lies on the third Demon Day. These 4 have to stop them but in their journey they realize that Carter is a host to Horus , Sadie is a host to Isis , Amos becomes a host for Set  and Zia becomes a host from Nephthys. Find out how carter and Sadie overcome their compulsion to merge with Isis and Horus and defeat Set.  

You know , in this novel , what really touched me is when Anubis ( god of funeral and Sadie’s crush) asks Sadie if she would sacrifice her father for the world . The struggle the poor girl faces is heartbreaking. And she did sacrifice her father ( sorry for the spoiler) but in the end , Anubis takes Carter and Sadie to the Room of Judgment where they meet their parents , who say the most beautiful lines:

” As a parent , our dreams becomes secondary to our children’s dreams. We would do anything for them to make them come true , even if we have to sacrifice our self . “

 *crying in one corner.*

So , do read this novel, KANE CHRONICLES : THE RED PYRAMID and tell me how you feel about it.

Goodnight 🙂