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Shoot for the Stars..

Once in a while , i enjoy reading a kiddie novel; not exactly kiddie , but a novel 16-17 year old would read and STARGAZING FOR BEGINNERS is one of them.

It’s a beautiful novel, on how Meg , a teen with a rebellious mother and a sister form another mister (literally.) Meg was born from an Australian man while her half-sis , Elsa, was born from  a Spanish man named Angel ( don’t ask. I think her mom made up all that :P). So Meg dreams about going to NASA one day and she is basically from England and she doesn’t have enough money. They hardly make their ends meet. She has a Grandpa who , from the beginning have supported her love for space and science behind it and a dog named Pongo. She is an introvert , mostly into herself , but her life changes when her mom boards a flight to Myanmar , leaving her alone to take care of her young sister and to prepare herself for a competition through which she can visit the NASA center , USA. A young girl with bog dreams. So , the whole story goes around this and then there are Bella , Raj and Ed King , who constantly make fun of her but what Meg doesn’t know that Ed likes her a lot and poor Meg starts feeling the same later on.

There are some sad parts also , where there is an earthquake in Myanmar and Meg rushes out of her school and when everything is alright , she gets a sweet text from Ed. Awww…. if only such things existed in real life.So anyways , the biggest part is when Ed gives up his chance in the contest for Meg to rescue her Grandpa , who happen to meet with a accident while out for a late night bike ride. That is beyond the best scene of the book. I mean he literally just walks away and he knows how much his mom would kill him but he does it for Meg . Too good. Anyhoo , Meg ends up winning the trip and Ed also. They have their very first date under the stars and misses the school dance.

You know why i like this novel ? Because it’s all about young love and young dreams and everything is falling apart around Meg but she does’t give up. That’s the strength everyone must have . She follows her dream and makes them happen. Basically , don’t give up if a few things are creating problems. They are just the beginning but the beauty is after crossing those hurdles. Nothing comes easy.

Do read STARGAZING FOR BEGINNERS by Jenny McLachlan , a novel published on April 6 , 2017. Beautiful novel.

Good Night !